About ViRuS

Singing with flares

ViRuS...Spitting fire on mic...

Born in Pune, Vibhas Raju Sawar A.K.A ‘ViRuS‘ is an upcoming and promising artist. From the age of 5, he stepped into the world of music by doing live shows with his father Pt. Raju Sawar. Later, at the age of 15, he arranged a fund raiser song composed and written by his father, which raised about 2.5 lakh Rupees. That’s when he took his music seriously.

In 2005, he started his own entertainment company ‘ViRuS Entertainment‘ after his initials ‘VIbhas RajU Sawar’ and made many short films and songs under the banner. The company then stepped into visual effects through one of their productions  ‘Project Shomaran‘. Now, the company is stepping into commercial movie projects.

After doing over 500 shows live, and playing wide range of instruments, he became a professional music arranger and composer doing television title songs, jingles, radio advertisements. In 2007, he picked up a melody instrument – guitar and never let it go. Apart from being full time music producer, he also was the lead guitarist of ‘Tearzsoup‘, a band formed by him and his classmates from a designing institute. The band released their first album ‘Consequences of nothing in 2008, and then went into separate ways due to the band-mate’s career choices. But ViRuS continued with his passion. On 21st April 2011, on his mother’s birthday, he released his debut album ‘If you know what I mean‘ which is still free, and always will be on the company’s website. In 2011, he started playing for an upcoming band ‘Zero Impedance‘ as the band’s lead guitarist. After producing the band’s first single ‘Thunderstorm‘, the band’s rank in Pune went to 4th from 53rd according to Reverbnation.com After a month, ViRuS Entertainment became the band’s official record label.

In the meantime, he met an equally talented actor/writer/music director – Chaitanya Kulkarni and started making short films with his friends. Now they both are working together in the firm, along with their other two creative partners, Dr. Prayag Varpe and Pushkaraj Chirputkar.


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