In this era, where a person can post ‘What’s on his mind’ and let his friends know how clever or funny he is, people are taking full advantage of the technology for their benefit. Many discoveries are made, some of them are yet to come. Those who have chosen art as their career option with true talent are facing problems. I don’t know if anybody else is feeling the same way, but this is truly what I experienced from past 6 years. We came into this field, with very little knowledge of technology. There were people who could do the same thing that we did in a minute, where we would take hours. But that was a time when we were feeling that neccessity to do something at least. One year later, we knew everything about everything. Later I went to a designing school. After graduating, and taking the degree in hand, we entered into the wide world of visual arts. But we weren’t alone.

During that period, I met many people who knew the common tools that we used, knew the printing or publishing pipeline with no art background, at all! In the printing field, the most common person you meet is the typesetter, or the person who types the hand written copy, in simple words. My question is, how can you even think of paying this person to design your corporate identity? I’m not implying, that all them have zero knowledge! Some of them are good, but it is entirely the client’s responsibility to judge the person by his work. Because of them, commercial artists like us, are not able to earn on the basis of our study, and the quality standard is dropped down immediately. If we charge x amount for a design, they would charge x-250 for that same thing. Due to this, some promising trusts or foundations turn to them and thus cannot earn reputation as their ‘designer’ did not think about the brand image value.

Same principle applies to the music field. Now, recording a song is very easy because of the world-wide web’s kindness. Now, everybody is a song writer, or singer, or an instrument player without knowing what does a song actually require, its structure, percussions, arrangements, or a very basic thing – how is your voice sounding when you sing in front the mic? People just won’t accept that they don’t know it. Honestly, if that would be the case, I won’t be writing this thing. There are many bands, who record their songs with high-tech plug-ins, with doubled guitar leads because they can’t play it that fast (or for clarity as they say it), or the biggest selling software in music industry ‘AutoTune’. Nice that they use all this for better production, but when you hear them live, they just can’t pull it off!

All I’m saying is, even if you have all the plug-ins and software ready to use, always remember that they are just tools. The real magic comes from inside the person who is using it. Sure, you would be famous on the social network sites and climb the charts on music sites, but it won’t last for long. I’ve seen it…trust me!